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Our Mission, to create truly distinct farmhouse ales and lagers on our Virginia farm.

Reap what you Sow, sustainability at 1781 Brewing Co. means leaving little to no trace and replacing our carbon footprint in meaningful ways. We are continually listed as a Corporation for Conservation by Ducks Unlimited and other non profits. In 2017, 1781 Brewing Co. helped contribute to conserve over 248,000 acres of wetlands which are the most at risk

ecological systems.

We also are involved in several USDA environmental programs for wetlands and forest and maintain 60 acres of deciduous forest and buffer zones for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. All 1781 Brewing Co.'s spent grains and brewery refuse goes to either compost for our vegetable garden or to another local farmer, Todd Schlund for his Pork production.

The Items that Schlund Family Farms create can sometimes be seen on our food truck TA-KO,

menu for a truly full circle experience.



Co-Founder, Barkeep, Brewer

Brandon is a brewer of 10 years that takes a culinary focus to crafting his recipes. He considers himself a lifelong student of brewing and winemaking and loves to challenge himself on how to best combine his culinary creativity with his brewing and winemaking.


Cellar Master, Barman, Cat Tamer

Joshua Ross is a cellar master and bar manager at 1781 Brewing Co. Joshua's constant happy presence and sense of humor create a casual and comfortable atmosphere for patrons. Harry, Brandon and Joshua have been lifelong friends who all share a passion for crafting beer and wine.


 Co-Founder, Brewer, Beeratarian

Harry Pagan grew up with his brother and five sisters on the family farm where 1781 Brewing Co. and Wilderness Run Vineyards were conceived. Over the years with the help of family and friends, especially his dad, David Pagan and his best friend Brandon Pallen, they pieced together a brewery, a team and a setlist of farmhouse creations to please the community in which they call home.

You will see him at the brewhouse, in the vineyard fields, behind the scenes or enjoying a farmhouse beverage at the bar with his patrons. 

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